Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well here I am finally - trying to find internet access over Xmas in London is impossible.

By the time I plowed through my email not much time for my blog as time is a wasting. I made it over in one piece despite a crappy meal on North West and the seat back entertainment not working. Our hotel is a hovel - the second worst one I've stayed in in London. On the bright side it's cleaned every day and no bed bugs!! I keep thinking I am going to fall through the floor as it makes creaking sounds and goes down in places. One light in the room and that's it and let's not talk about the showers and bathrooms.....however being New Years it's almost impossible to find another place...luckily on Sunday I will be outta here and back at my familiar and good B & B in north London.

Back from Paris last night which I will report on later - it was fabulous and our hotel there was wonderful.

Off to the ballet this afternoon and to a Xmas concert tonight - with some Xmas sale shopping before hopefully. Will report on stuff later.

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