Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boogying with Whacko Jacko

Yep that will be me tonight - well with a fake one. Okay I confess I like Michael Jackson - so sue me. I think he is strange but harmless. He is quite the cutie patootey back in the early 1980's and too bad he messed it up with surgery. I LOVE his music so am quite excited. I got to see him in Vancouver with my niece Erin in 1984 - performing with the Jackson 5 and it was awesome! Right Erin?!!! Anyway seeing fake ones tonight will be fun and I plan to BOOGY.

This afternoon I am going on a walking tour of the sites of the Davinci Code and Occult London so that should be fun. On that subject...the atheists have billboards out saying "There is probably no God. So Stop worrying and enjoy your life". I have only seen small versions on the tube and never been in the right place to take a photo but hoping I see it on the side of a bus. Right on! Words to live by!!!! Take responsibility for your own life.

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