Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold day in London

Well think this was the coldest day yet I do believe - sure felt like it anyway. I started off walking in Hampstead in the mist and fog - kind of neat actually. But stopped for a coffee as needed the loo and no public ones around. Was enjoying reading a paper and my coffee until a family came and sat next to me - I could only handle so many "mommay" and "daddays" and I scadaddled out of there. Once I got out again it was so cold that I ended up bussing it to Camden Market and had a look around. Well it's a lot of markets but once you've seen one you've seen them all as they pretty well sold the same stuff - but I enjoy markets so I was happy. Loved the t'shirt "Ipood" with a guy with headphones on sitting on a toilet!! :) I got a pair of wool mitts made in Nepal - I needed them on top of the gloves I got yesterday - being as I lost my others. It was so cold though - would like to go back on a nicer day and maybe walk along the canal. Then I got the tube out to Tooting Broadway - just because.....had some great chips there - the best of the trip so far. Took the bus back to Trafalgar Square and saw the frozen fountains. First time I've ever seen the water frozen in those fountains in all my trips here. I had a cream tea at St Martins in the Fields church - yum yum yum. Bought myself a ticket for a concert of Mozart music there next Saturday night. I did a quick visit to the National Gallery to say hello to Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I am a philistine when it comes to art - I know nothing - I only like pictures of children (that's when they are the best - in pictures - so you can't hear them!) and dogs. One day (retirement part two?) I will take an art appreciation course - then I will want to revisit all the art galleries I've visited in my travels and never appreciated!!!

Got some shots of Trafalgar Square at dusk with Big Ben in the background with it's face lit up. glad I am in London.

I had wanted to take a walking tour of "India in London" however 1) it was too cold and 2) the tube station was on a line that was closed today. Too cold to walk and no clue what bus to get as it's not an area I am familiar with.

Next stop - back to the room to have a hot bath and relax. I bought myself a little bottle of wine so me thinks after I have my healthy banana and fresh squeezed orange juice for "supper" I will pour myself a glass to have with some root vegetable crisps (like potato chips) that I have developed an addiction to.

Off to an ice sculpture festival tomorrow!!! Other than that I am winging it. Would like to walk along the south side of the Thames but it depends on the weather. We haven't seen the sun in a few days so it would be nice if it would pop out and say hello tomorrow.

Oh well whatever the weather throws at me beats being in Regina in January!!!


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Dena said...

You're right, sounds like it does beat being in Regina in January, we don't have mulled wine!...which we need, know!

Just wanted to ask you to keep the posts coming. They have been the highlights of my days this last week, know! and I'm traveling with you vicariously!

Keep on walkin!

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