Hello from the desert

Starkness of Sinai region
Hotel pool

Am in St. Catherines right now - having a very quick and expensive internet session. Thanks everyone for your emails but I probably won't be able to answer them until I am in London now as internet access will be limited.

We are in the Sinai which is beautiful in a very stark way. Staying in a beautiful hotel with a huge pool. I am the only one not climbing Mt Sinai in the morning so will be able to enjoy the hotel. With my bad knees no way am I climbing and they start at 3 a.m. to see the sunrise. I've seen the pictures and it does not inspire me. I am saving my knees for the Monestary at Petra. I am looking forward to enjoying the facilities here especially as none of us liked our hotel in Cairo. The buffet tonight was wonderful.

Funniest sight today.....two camels kneeling in the back of a pick up truck. No one had time to pull out their camera as they whizzed by too quickly unfortunately.

Yesterday we had a tour of Christian and Muslim Cairo which was interesting. Saw a place where Mary, Joseph and Jesus hung out for a few days as well as a gorgeous mosque. Afterwards a few of us went to the famous market - we stopped first and had a wonderful traditional drink - yogurt and cream with spices and nuts and raisins. Then we walked around and were constantly harassed to buy something which I didn't. "Let me take your money" was the best line I heard. We then had lunch in a lovely restaurant - I had lentil soup and bread with fresh strawberry juice. We took the metro back but finding it was something else....we walked for about half an hour through crowds of people. It was awful! The sidewalks are not even and they are high so my knees were not happy going up an down. Cairo is not a city I like!!!

Tomorrow we head for Jordan on the ferry - we are warned to be prepared for a LONG wait! From there it's on to Wadi Rum, Petra, floating in the dead sea and Amman. Can't wait!!!! I guess I have to put away my capri pants for the trip though as it will be colder in Jordan.