Friday, January 30, 2009

I kissed a camel!

Well we are in Petra now....just back from visiting the ancient city of Petra Wow. It would take you days to see it all so we had to content ourselves with visiting a bit of it. Fantastic. The highlight was seeing the treasury....a beautiful rose colour. 200 photos later.....of course a lot were of donkeys, camels, a puppy - heck even a cat. really a highlight in my life seeing this place. Amazing. It's one of the seven wonders of the world - modern that is.

In another hour or so I will be going to a turkish bath - a first for me. No modesty allowed so should be interesting.

And yes I kissed a camel - he was a nice one. we were in Wadi Rum yesterday - gorgeous red sand and sandstone monoliths. wonderful. please excuse the lack of capitals - this keyboard is probably clogged with dust as it"s everywhere here anyway we took a four wheel drive tour of the place and it was great fun>

our hotel here leaves a bit to be desired _ they are fixing my shower now> they assured me they were going to fix it today and when I checked it out I got sprayed in the face> oh well>

well will sign off before I go postal on this keyboard>

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