Friday, January 16, 2009

Quiet day in London

Well for me anyway. I decided to make this a "rest day" and hang around the area. This morning I did another 10 pound (as in price) laundry in preparation for the Middle East on Sunday. Then this afternoon I walked around Hampstead Garden Suburb a bit as for all the times I have stayed at this B & B I haven't explored the Central Square or some of the little parks. There is actually some Woods but didn't go too far as it was starting to look gloomy and the paths were wet enough as it was. I then looked in some shops and walked back here - in the rain - will order a cappucino in a bit. I am getting quite hooked on my afternoon cappucino!

The Thriller show last night was pretty good. At first I wasn't sure but it got better as the show went along - it ended with Billie Jean and Thriller of course. The fellow who was Michael in the later years was a lot heavier so it was a bit strange but he did the moon walking thing and could really boogy. I am glad I went. Tonight it is a night in with a double episode of "Coronation Street". Woo hoo! Hey, we can't live the high life every night. Also an 'eat in' day so bought myself a prawn and mayonaise sandwich and a little fruit trifle to have later in the room - life is good!! :) With the price to eat in restaraunts here I try to eat in every other day or every third day anyway.

The DaVinci Code walk was okay - the London Walks guide wasn't the best one I've had that's for sure and at times acted like we were a pain in the ass he had to put up with. But it was neat to go to the different places and will have to rewatch the movie now. Also to hear the theories. Who knows what is the truth and what isn't. All very interesting. I got to see a few buildings I'd never seen before so that was cool. Visited the second oldest church in London (built in the 1100's) Tomorrow afternoon I hope to do the "spy" walk and then tomorrow evening is the Mozart concert at St. Martins in the Fields church. The church has a wonderful cafeteria (the cream tea is YUMMY) so plan to treat myself to a meal before the concert.

This may be my last post for a while as not sure I will get onto the 'net tomorrow and who knows what time I will have to go on the 'net in Egypt & Jordan. I know there are internet cafes but I might not be wanting to spend my time in them when there are other things to do!!!

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Dena said...

OHHH!!!! I can't wait till we get to Egypt!

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