Thursday, January 8, 2009

Restless Prairie Girl feels like shit

Yep, I am sick of all the rotten luck. Not really really ill but enough to feel crappy and not have much energy. I had all these walks planned and now no energy to even think about doing them. I have a bit of a cough except when I talk - traveling on my own I don't talk a lot - just to the girl from Germany at breakfast in the morning and the odd bit. Well I called my friend Judi last night and I finally had to hang up as I was coughing so much. What a pain in the ass.

Yesterday I visited the Museum of London only to find they are doing a massive renovation and it only goes up to 1666 until the present. Rats! I have seen it before but I love it so was looking forward to seeing it again. So I went to Costa Coffee and sat and worked on my trip diary - caught up now finally. Then picked up some bits at Tesco's (grocery store) and back to the room at 4 p.m. to rest.

Now I am thinking what I should do today...had planned to do a 10 km walk from Highgate to Hampstead up in this end of London but no in the meantime am checking emails and surfing for ideas - in London the possibilities are endless. I may end up just hopping a few busses and exploring some new areas. We will see.

It seems a bit warmer today at least.

Tonight I have a ticket to see Oliver! so want to be fit to see that.

How come nobody is commenting or at least emailing me. C'mon people!!!

1 comment:

-pat- said...

Reading your blog now good girl having fun eh? got to see how to
follow your blog so I dont have to keep searching for it

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