Sailing on the Nile part 2

Doing this in two posts in case the computer crashed. Anyway after a couple of dances most of our group sat on the deck and had a discussion with Carolyn, our group leader on Islam women, customs, etc - all very interesting.

Our group is great - we all get along really well and have a lot of laughs.

The markets are interesting - Carolyn pointed out some good places to buy in the market in Luxor so I got some scarves as well as some jewellry made out of local stone - nothing expensive. She pointed out the "manic t-shirt guy" and he was - I did not want any of the t-shirts that he had and he was chasing us across the street. Not in a scary way - but in a funny way. The sellers can be a pain though and they are like flies that won't leave you alone. One guy said "I have lots of good rubbish at good price" - have to laugh at that - another one was "how can I take your money". And at the end of the day they are just ordinary people trying to make a living so you have to respect that. Everywhere you go they are trying to get you to take their taxi, horse & carriage or go in their shop. Just heard a good one a few minutes back - one horse and carriage driver yelled out "Egyptian Ferrari".

Another challenge is remembering not to flush the toilet paper down the toilet as the sewer system cannot handle it - it goes in the garbage. This was the case in India and Peru as well.

I think after tonight I will be "templed out" but they are very interesting.

I will miss the relaxation of sitting on the top deck of our Melodie and watching the life on the beautiful Nile.


judi said…
so glad you are enjoying it