Sailing on the Nile

Our boat - the "Melodie"
Our "flasher"

Rocky and me

Well actually we are finished our sail and are now in Aswan. Still living on our boat but not going any further south. It's been a terrific few days. Our donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings and back was great fun. When we were nearly at the Valley it was the Donkey Derby as they knew we were getting into the home stretch. My donkey who I named Mr. Higgins (sadly they had no names other than Mr or Mrs. Donkey) was very open to suggestions so a click of the tongue or "alla" from someone else would send him trotting. He also liked pushing in between other donkeys. Coming back my donkey ("Rocky" - I should have named the one going there Rocky!) was much more sedate although he did steal some clover from a wagon. The trip back was through villages which was fun. We toured three tombs in the Valley of the Kings - unbelieveable. I had to buy a small book as we could not take photographs and I wanted something to remember them by.

The boat cruise has been very enjoyable and we have spent much time relaxing on the upper deck watching life on the Nile as we pass by. We even had a little flasher - photo above. I was able to photograph people living their lives along the shores of the Nile with my new zoom lens so it was worth the investment and postponing the purchase of a new TV! The weather has gotten warmer the further we head south.

This morning a few of us took the flerry over to Elphantine island and visited a Nubian village.
I found it very interesting although some found the trash piled about and the general 'stinkiness' of the place disturbing. So we didn't stay as long as I perrsonally would have liked but didn't feel like wandering around on my own either as it would be very easy to get lost. But like I've said once you've been to India nothing shocks you anymore. That's the way they live as facilities are limited - but it's their home so I show respect. If you want things the way they are at home stay there!

Later we will visit Philae temple for the sound and light show. Tomorrow is Abu Simbel -up at 2:45 a.m. for the three hour bus trip!!! Followed by a felucca ride on the Nile and then we get the train back to Cairo tomorrow night.

Last night was Egyptian night on the boat so our whole group dressed up. I bought a turquoise blue beaded dress along with a beaded head scarf (like I will ever wear that again but hey sometimes you just gotta do some crazy things!) - some Nubian dancers came in and we had a great time dancing with them. Anyone not on the dance floor was on by the time the DJ came on and played "Dancing Queen". Great fun. Later had an interesting discussion with Caroline about Muslim women.