Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday in London

Well woke up this morning to absolute pouring rain so snuggled back under the covers. I had told Simon, the B & B host that I wouldn't be having brekky until tomorrow as it gets a bit boring having the same thing every day. Anyway once I knew the people I share the bathroom with were gone I got up and had my shower. Looked out the window and blue sky! Had a banana, some seveille orange and cream yogurt and some delish cox apple juice for brekky - man I wish we could get that juice at home - love it.

Headed to the Borough Market which was near London Bridge. A foodies paradise. I'd never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Had sausage and fried onion in a bun and eyed some brownies but resisted - next time! And had a cappucino at Monmouth coffee - it was very very good. Now I know why there was such a mean que - or however you spell it. Once I managed to tear myself away from the market I walked over London Bridge to Covent Garden. Lots of buskers including a fella made up to look like a dog in a kennel - just his head and he was talking away to people - well you had to be there - it was hilarious and then a fellow dressed like a gold statue - well it goes on and on - Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London. I think I found a poster to put on a spare wall but will think about it and get it when I get home. Had a long conversation with the artist - he couldn't get over the fact I was staying in Hampstead Garden Suburb for some reason. Then took a bus to Trafalgar Square. They were getting ready for a rally to protest the carnage in Gaza. I took some photos but didn't want to get involved in a rally like that in case it got violent. Hopped the bus to Hyde Park Corner where I took a few photos however it was starting to cloud over so took the bus to Marble Arch and on to Notting Hill and then walked on to the Holland Park area. Now I am back on Oxford St. ready to head along to St. Martins for a nice dinner - I hope. Followed by a concert.

Then back to the room to finish up packing and off on another adventure tomorrow. Not sure how well I will be able to keep the blog up. I will update later though and will be posting pictures and embelishing once I am home. I am sure you are quivering with delight at that news!!!

I am flying Egypt Air and just read in my Lonely Planet guide last night that they advise taking ANY airline BUT Egypt Air as they use old Russian jets and their in flight service is crap. Oh goodie.

Next post will hopefully be from Egypt!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get there ok and the weather does not cause delays - terrible down here too ..have a wonderful wonderful time in Egypt ...

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