Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Traipsing along the Thames

Well decided to do a walk in the Docklands today. It was enjoyable even though I got lost a few times - thank goodness for bin men and bar maids! Stopped for a coffee (came with cookies too) and then a wine at another pub - man four pounds for a glass of wine. As it turned out she gave me a small bottle so drank half and the other half is in my backpack for a night in. :) I was in the true east end so lots of cockneys. It was great - a new part of London I haven't seen. I was on the Thames Path a lot and got some great views of the river as well as saw some unique sculptures. The docklands were run down and heavily bombed during the war and were derelict for years but they have now revitalized the area with housing, walking paths., etc. It was nice to be in an area with few tourists and go into local pubs.

I only did half the walk as I was running out of time as I had to get to the Geffrye museum for their "Farewell to Christmas" thingie - it was fun. We all got a glass of mulled wine and a piece of Xmas cake and sang Xmas carols and watched them burn the Xmas decorations. I took the bus back to Golders Green via Oxford St. and a mushroom pizza - and another glass of wine. What can I say - I was in a whiney mood. :)

Still cold - wish I had my winter coat but oh well. They are going on and on as it got to -10C overnight - gasp! They actually said stay inside unless you have to go out last night on the TV and I laughed out loud. I was moving most of the day so stayed warm. However must admit I am looking forward to a long hot bath. It's nice to have a bathtub and normal shower after the hovel.

Guess I will have to wait for Egypt to have a warm toilet to rest my butt on though - they are all COLD here!!!!

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