Friday, January 9, 2009

Victoria & Albert & doggies

Well after a very horrible night - my cold having gotten worse - I did not get up in time for breakfast. After a hot shower I did feel a bit better and even better now. I got the tube to South Kensington and joined a walking tour of the Victoria & Albert musuem which is a museum of textiles, ornaments, etc. It was interesting and I am glad I did it - I have been to the V & A museum before a few times but it is impossible to absorb everything in one visit. The guide just picked a few highlights of course but it was very informative. In the afternoon I went to Battersea dogs home again - a trek I do every time I visit London - and paid my pound to visit the doggies. Always breaks my heart in two but I stop and talk to each one of the dogs and say their name and make a fuss. Maybe a bit longer for the cute ones! Generally they rush to the front of the cage with tails wagging and it is so hard but you are not allowed to pet them because of spreading disease. But they are so excited to have someone speak to them - a few just slept and that was sad and there was an Akita that came up to the bars and had the saddest look I have ever seen in a dog's eyes. I teared up then that's for sure. Why the hell do people go to breeders and pay big bucks for their pedigree purebreds when a visit to the local animal shelter will give them as beautiful a dog - probably better - for a fraction of the price and knowing they are saving a life and NOT adding to the pet overpopulation which you do when you insist on buying a purebred. And who cares if its a mutt - my Sandy was a mutt and she was fantastic and beautiful and I liked the fact that there weren't a lot of dogs like her running around. Enough of my rant - for today that is.

Anyway....yesterday (Thursday) I did get some energy and did part of a walk from Muswell Hill to Hampstead Heath via Highgate Village. All very interesting - loved it actually especially Highgate Village and peering into the very spooky Highgate cemetery. Lots of gorgeous old houses.

Oliver! was wonderful. Rowan Atkinson was very good as Fagan - he was hilarious in parts and even pulled out a teddy bear - aka Mr. Bean. It was a fantastic production and had me wanting to belt out 'Consider Yourself' nonstop on the tube ride home.

Seems to be warming up here...yay! By Monday should be back to normal temperatures. Good. Yesterday in Hampstead Heath I had to tell a couple of fellows not to go on the ice - told them there's no way it would hold their weight. It seems everyone is so excited to see ice as it's so rare here and they have no clue how long it takes to get thick enough to hold a human or dog's body. (a dog has drowned and several have had to be rescued) I am just grateful that there is no snow.

Hopefully I still have a place to stay as I think I snored the house down last night - everytime I woke up (lots) I had been snoring and with my cold it is always worse.

Back to the B & B in a bit to watch a double episode of Coronation Street - woo hoo.

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