Well yesterday I ended up doing exactly what I had planned to do - a coffee in Notting Hill and catching up with my journal and then a short tour of the British Musuem which was very enjoyable. The British Musuem is HUGE - you could spend years in there - seriously! I have been there several times but it is all so overwhelming that I didn't grasp too much. So the guided tour (by the same lady who we went to Oxford and the Cotswolds with) was ideal - saw some very interesting artifacts left by Anglo Saxons in East Anglia, the Elgin marble statues and tablets from the Acropolis in Athens, the Rosetta stone which was amazing as from there scholars were able to translate other documents from the Egyptian period.

In a few minutes I am heading off to do a walk in Alexandria Park which is a new area for me then going to the British Library this afternoon as it is supposed to rain. I am thinking of ideas to do this evening so it could be a ghost walk but depends on the weather. I may do something in between the walk and British Library as it is open a bit later tonight.