Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yeah Toto you're right - definitely not in Kansas

Anyway the boat is okay - nothing fancy. My room is okay - should be intersting to take a shower later today as there is really no shower area - the whole tiny bathroom is one. Anyway we went on a tour of the Karnak temple this morning which was AMAZING. Everyone was blown away. 134 decorated columns which had your mouth wide open plus too many statues to mention - it's something else. We all agreed that this was MUCH better than the pyramids! Plus we had an excellent guide who was a real character. Said he was a direct descendant of King Ramses and he nominated me as his queen so I had to stand beside him mostof the time. :) Unfortunately he was about 65 years old. I guess he was in a Bond film so must rent it and look for him. I reminded him of a friend so that's why I was chosen as his queen - anyway he was full of knowledge and my head is still spinning from all the stories. Finally he let us loose for 45 mins. to look around and take photographs - and that I did. It's one of the most spectacular things I've seen in my life and I have seen a few believe you me.

http://www.touregypt.net/karnak.htm - here's a bit of a taste.

Back to the boat via a store (can't say what kind as I bought some gifts to be a surprise for certain people!) and then lunch. I walked over here on my own - brave girl! Had to stop at the ATM and of course got honked at by taxi drivers, guys wanting to take me to stores, etc. but hey I've been to India and can handle anything now. :) Later we are going walking to the market with the guide so that will be fun as I adore markets. Dinner at 7 and a relaxing evening for me as we are up early tomorrow morning to visit the Valley of the Kings with our same guide. On DONKEYS. Am so excited as I am obsessed with donkeys. Then once we get back we set sail so tomorrow aft. will be sunning ourselves on the deck. It's not really hot - about 22C which is perfect. Capri pants and short sleeve weather!!!

Queen Laurie signing off for now....

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