Back in London

Nightmare trip back but made it. Will post more on it later. It was a gong show in Cairo - I flew from Amman via Cairo and the flight was cancelled due to snow here and talk about disorganized there. Yikes. I spent yesterday in bed as have a bad cold and felt horrid. Today is a bit better - my legs are a bit shaky but desparate times call for desparate measures. I have no clean clothes - your clothes get very dirty/sandy/dusty in the Middle East!!! So off to the laundromat to spend another ten pounds again.

The snow is melting now (although the park opposite me is still covered and kids were out making snowmen yesterday) but guess it was a nightmare on Monday. Supposed to be more later this week...oh goodie. Things come to a standstill here as they are just not prepared for it.

I am due to go to Oxford tomorrow on Megabus - had booked my pound each way trip a few weeks back. Will see how I feel - had planned to do a 10km walk there but can't see that happening but I may go and bop around a bit and lurk in coffee shops. For the price why not.

I had to miss seeing the musical "Billy Elliot" last night as I felt too rotten. Simon, the host of the B & B was going out anyway so I gave him a little list of a sandwich, banana and juice so at least I got to eat something. On the bright side maybe I lost a little weight - yeah right.

A lucky American couple is next to me so between my snoring and coughing bet they had a good night's sleep. Oh well they were friendly and we sat for an hour over breakfast exchanging travel war stories.

Anyway I am off to the launderette to wash the remnents of Egypt and Jordan off my clothes.

Once I feel a bit better and my sense of humour returns I will post "Chaos in Cairo".