Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fantasy time

Well today started off windy and rainy but while it's still cold and windy the sun has come out. After waiting for a taxi forever we finally got into Worthing and did a bit of shopping. I was let loose in Marks and Spencer and for lunch we are going to have Roasted Mushroom and carmelised onion pie and vegetable casserole with parsley dumplings - with brussel sprouts. And for dessert a hot apple crumble with double cream. Slurp! Can't wait!!!

I was able to go down to the beach and take some piccies of the English channel - so that was fun. Hope I didn't embarass Judi TOO much with my excitement!!! :)

I have already decided that Judi should get a dog and I will come over and look after it when she goes on holidays.

Tonight it's back to London and two more days before my wonderful holiday comes to an end. I will be so busy running around I might not have time to blog!!!

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