Saturday, February 7, 2009

A foodie day

Am full to bursting after a day of good food. Started this morning at the Borough market - well I wandered around and got myself a brownie (best brownie in the world..devoured it this afternoon) and a small bag of cherry tomatoes. I had a cooked breakfast at a nearby cafe as the market was too cold to spend any time in - had bubble and squeak which is potatoes with cooked vegetables in. Very good!! I then jumped on the bus and went to Hackney...just because....wanted to see what it looked like. I stopped to look at a church and was reading the description when a lady came up to me and said they are with the church and help those less fortunate and asked if I wanted any hot soup or coffee. I said no thank you and she said are you sure and patted my arm and I said no thanks I can buy my own soup. She said if you are sure and looked so concerned. Geesh I know my jacket is getting a bit travel weary and my hair was wind blown but didn't think I looked that down and out!!!!
Back into Central London and walked through St. James Park (my favourite park in London) and on through Green Park and then back to this area for a delicous veggie currie and garlic naan.
Next is back to the room to catch up on my travel diary and start packing up.
I will be moving to another place Wed. so I can have easier access to Heathrow for Friday...six more sleeps. Waaaaa!!!! :(
Tomorrow I plan to head over to Hampstead and walk around there again and perhaps Primrose Hill, etc. We shall see how the spirit moves me.

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