Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hi from Oxford

Am in Oxford now - decided to go for it for a change of scene. It was snowing when I arrived so walked around and took photographs of the snow. Then I looked in the shops and had lunch at the covered market. Lots of book shops here so I was in heaven - I got a copy of one of my favourite travel writers new book and she is supposed to be at the travel show tomorrow so hope to get it autographed. All about her dog sledding in the Yukon - nothing like going to England to buy a book about Canada!!

My bus leaves in about an hour and a half so decided to pop in and check up on email and blog. The bus was very clean and it is the law here to do up seatbelts so felt much more secure than riding the hound. Plus the trip was much shorter than my usual hound trips - less than two hours. I bought a cherry loaf from a bakery in the market and I am salivating - can't wait to get back to the B & B and make a cup of tea and have a piece...or two. I hope it is as good as it looks.

I will definitely come back here on another trip when the weather is nicer as it's a very pretty city but not seen at it's best on a snowy day.

This afternoon I went to see the film "Slumdog Millionaire" which was really good - brought back memories of India for sure. I wanted to see it here being as it's a British film and very much in the news here - as well as England being the base I left for India from. Okay lame excuse but I always try to see a movie over here despite the horrible price. I just shut my eyes and hand the money over but it ain't cheap. It saves me going to see it in London as I am running out of time to do the things I want to do there. Normally I would not go to a movie on a day trip but it was warm and dry!!!

Tomorrow I am going to the travel show at Earl's Court Olympia so can't wait - I am sure I will get all sorts of ideas for my next adventure or two or three....

One part of me is glad to be going home to see my friends, make coffee in my own coffee maker, (yea strange what you miss....) check out what's been happening but the other part of me doesn't want to leave! I wish I was wealthy so I could stay longer. I wandered around Marks and Spencers today drooling over all the ready meals they have here. I wish I had access to an oven or a nuker at least. Plus the wonderful brussel sprouts - okay I am a bit obsessed with them but oh my they look so damn good compared to home. Well I like the food here better than home I must admit. I know England has a bad reputation for food - or did have - but not anymore. London has every kind of food you could ever want.

So looking forward to tomorrow - a day at the travel show, a double episode of Corrie and it's my eat at home night (too damn expensive here to eat out every day) which means a prawn mayonnaise sandwich (YUM!) and a little bag of either parsnip crisps or root vegetable crisps. I discovered the crisps (English word for our chips) this trip (they must be new) and they are YUMMY. Plus a bottle of fresh cox apple juice - slurp!!! Life is good!!!!

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Dena said...

So, are you bringing crisps home? for the gang, you know

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