Saturday, February 14, 2009

Three countries in one day

Yep we all knew I am a jetsetter but you know you are when you have three currencies in your wallet and using them all the same day.

Morning came early yesterday...after enjoying the musical "Mama Mia" the night before I got up to discover that the fuse had blown at the B & B and except for my bedside lamp which was plugged into an outlet that wasn't affected the whole second floor was in darkness. Oh goodie - so I had my shower with just the light from outside (which at 5 a.m. isn't much) and worried about getting my "bag from hell" down the stairs in the dark. My fears were unfounded as I heard footsteps as I was getting dressed so Simon obviously knew about it and the problem was fixed. The taxi arrived on time and got me to the airport in half an hour flat. I was impressed. Haven't spent that much on a taxi but wow it was worth it. Had my last cappucino at Costa Coffee. :(

The flight to Minneapolis was all right but I've had better. A whole 'slew' of teenagers were flying over as well as a horrible toddler who barely quit screaming the whole time. As in having temper tantrums - it's handlers obviously had never heard of discipline. I was ready to put the kid out of it's misery with my pillow - no lie. (well I can't stand kids at the best of times). Even the flight attendant I commented to (jokingly) said "that kid is way out of control". The teenagers spent the time visiting in the aisles ignoring the flight attendant's requests to sit down when the seat belt sign was on. They even announced at the second meal service (lunch before we landed) "we will be serving meals for the next thirty minutes so please stay in your seat" and the kids were still up and around and the flight attendants made them stand behind them while they served - good for them. I saw a flight attendant afterwards in the airport and said "that was quite the flight with the teenagers and the screaming brat from hell" and she commented it was a terrible flight and had them pulling their hair out the entire time. Anyway we arrived in one piece.

At customs the inspector said I should go the Mall of America with my 8 hours between flights so that I did! I had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, got my hair shampooed and cut - hey why not - and trudged around. I was too cheap to pay for a locker so hauled my backpack and between the exhaustion and the load I spent most of my time sitting down people watching. That was my third trip to the mall - quite the place. I think it would make a great "girls weekend away" - hint hint to my Minot buddies...

Then FINALLY my flight home - short and sweet and got through customs no probs and got a taxi right away. Stopped at a convenience store so I could get my milk and cream for coffee/tea and made it home in one piece despite dropping my wallet in the van and having the driver go back to the store so I could find it. What can I say after over 24 hours I was not in my right mind. Got my "bag from hell" up the stairs to my apartment and collapsed.


What can I say - good to be home but I know I will be itching to get away again SOON.

Because I am Restless Prairie Girl and that's what I do!

Stay tuned as I plan to edit each of my entries and put pictures in and more on what I thought of the amazing Middle East - I will also be updating Facebook so will put a link to that.

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Dena said...

Welcome home! Where are you going next?

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