Broken glass and wind

Well today was a great day - we took the ferry over to Southport which has charming houses from the turn of the century (20th that is) and older. We visited a Christmas shop in a wonderful old house complete with a pirate Santa! Walked along the pier and then we drove on to Oak Island which was lovely. Saw the lighthouse and drove to the other end of the island looking at all the beach houses, stopping for ice cream on the way back. It was very windy though and so we didn't walk on the beach like we had planned to.

Yesterday we went to Carolina Beach. I had a catastrophe. As I was getting out of the van my camera slipped out of my hand and crashed to the ground - as in cement parking lot. With heart in mouth I surveyed the damage and what I thought was my lens was shattered. However it turned out to be only my UV filter - whew!! I am so glad I listened to a friend (you know who you are..) and got myself one as it saved me getting a new lens. It took me a while to quit shaking however and even having hot delicious donuts from a local joint that's been around since 1939 didn't calm me down. I was so upset with myself for being so careless - I had too many things in my hand and didn't have it in the case as I had just been photographing the lake. Anyway the camera seems to be working fine but to be on the safe side I have uploaded all my photos to my friend's computer. It is a hard lesson to learn but I will be much more careful in future and when I get home the first thing I will do is go to buy another UV filter. Well worth every penny!!! However I don't intend to ever drop it again - I have learned my lesson and I don't think my camera could stand another drop like that.

One more full day here and then I head back to snowy icy Saskatchewan Oh well - New York awaits.