One more sleep and it's another adventure

Well tomorrow I start my "Spring Fling" - three almost back to back trips. Then I will lay low for a while....I promise!

Tomorrow afternoon I am off to North Carolina for two weeks to visit my oldest and dearest friend Linda. We have been best buddies since we were toddlers - yep since I was two and she was three. Yes, she is a year older than me and let me tell you I never let her forget it. :)

Should be fun anyway - they are going to introduce me to their friend Al. Linda says he is about six feet tall plus with a strong jaw line and impressive teeth. I'm told he'd love to have me come to his place for dinner some evening. Stay tuned!!

Anyway I fly into Raleigh via Minneapolis and arrive at 10 p.m. I have a room booked at an airport hotel. Wed. morning I will make my way into Raleigh via public bus as there is no proper airport transit and I am too damn cheap to pay for a taxi. I'd rather use the money and have lunch at Clyde Cooper's Barbeque. I had lunch there last year while on my trip on the hound and enjoyed it. My bus to Wilmington doesn't leave until 3 p.m. Here's hoping the bus driver doesn't get lost trying to get there like the one last year did. Greyhound employees are so darn intelligent...NOT.

Anyway should be fun. This weekend we will be going to Ashville for their son Adam's graduation from police college. So not sure when I will get a chance to update my blog but rest assured I will be having me a good old time in the south. I am salivating at the thought of going back to the Golden Corral buffet - I ate so much last time I was in pain.

As long as I get to be by the ocean and get me some collard greens, sweet potatoe fries and peach cobbler I will be happy!