Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pier to Pier

Well Sarah and I walked from the pier at Carolina Beach to the pier at Kure Beach this morning. It was about 7 km and took us 88 minutes. (93 if you count me stopping for a potty break half way) It was awesome. The wind was blowing (luckily at our backs) and the waves were fantastic with bits of foam blowing around at our feet and sandpipers dashing along the sand. It was exhilarating. I am so glad we did it.

After a great lunch the rest have gone off to look at a house and I am staying in to relax a bit.

By the way I saw Linda and Doug's friend Al yesterday from a distance but I can already tell he's not my type. Only five feet (I like my males tall), a bit on the lazy side (doesn't seem to have a job), a real loner and he looks like he could snap your head (or at least your hand) off if he felt like it.

The weather has been great but showers are predicted for the rest of my stay here - oh well better than the snow (shudder) that is happening at home.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are having nice weather and enjoying it all ......

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