Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paul & Ringo - you rock!

I had such a good time in New York this past weekend. The absolute highlight was seeing Paul and Ringo singing together in concert Saturday evening. I must admit...I cried. The two remaining Beatles was too much. Worth every penny of the bank's money...:) I can die happy now. They sang "With A Little Help from my friends" side by side and then Ringo played drums on "I Saw Her Standing There" which is one of my all time favourite Beatles songs. I boogied like a mad woman and sang all the "ooos" along with Paul. Sigh.... it was fun being twelve again. Paul had his own set as well as did Ringo and both were fantastic (especially Paul of course) but to see the two of them together.....something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The next morning we went to a luncheonette that Paul goes to sometimes (a lady next to me at the concert filled me in) - it was all quite exciting especially when the waitress pointed out that we were sitting in the booth that Paul and his girlfriend were sitting in the day before. And Vic and I were on the same seat as him - oh my. We had to let Pat have her turn sitting there too.

Getting to New York was a pain in the butt - my flight to Toronto was fine but due to thunderstorms in New York my flight was delayed (after dashing like a mad woman to get to the gate on time) twice and then after sitting on the plane for 45 minutes the flight was cancelled. I was lucky as I had just carry on luggage so was able to change flights around a couple of times (long story...) until I finally got standby on a flight and got there about 5 hours late. But I got there and that's the main thing. I was exhausted having been up since 3:15 a.m.

I like New was my fifth time there and I like it more each time. is not London which is where my heart belongs. New York is brash and in your face and exciting - London is exciting but softer and gentler with much more character. New York has wonderful architecture and skyscrapers that touch the sky and huge Central Park - London has beautiful old buildings and hidden alley ways and ancient pubs and the wonderful river and fantastic parks. And the New York subway was designed by a mad man with lines going every which way and stations with the same name only on a different line. I have been on most of the subway systems in the world and it's one of the worst. I found it very frustrating.

I found the people of New York very helpful - I was walking in Lower Manhatten my last morning and asked a cop the way to the Staten Island ferry and he told me in his thick accent "I'm gonna take real good care of you" and proceeded to give me very detailed directions that I was able to follow and I didn't get lost. (in other words they were idiot proof) That probably wouldn't happen in London. They would tell you it's only 5 minutes walk and it would be more like 25.

I went to see the musical "Hair" which was interesting. It was a bit OTT at times but I loved the music. I had forgotten that there was nudity - so it was a bit of a shock when they all stripped off just before the intermission!!!

Next stop - Las Vegas!!!

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