This and that

Well can you believe it snowed didn't stay on the ground long but it was still SNOW...disgusting. It was depressing...I can't even imagine how I'd feel if I'd been here through the horrific winter and had to put up with more in late April. I am already thinking where I can go for the cheapest price next winter....hmmm.....wonder if you can camp on the beach in not Mexico right now.....I am thinking about petsitting on Vancouver Island for a bit. I just have to make contacts and find a place. Also thinking of doing a half marathon in southern California which would take care of a week. All I know is it won't be a 7 weeker like this past winter...too bad but that's the way it is. Unless I win the lottery which would be indeed be a miracle as I don't buy lottery tickets!

I start dogsitting tomorrow for almost a week - for a sweet Newfoundland named Daisy. Slowly my summer is getting booked up with both work and dogsitting as well as weekend walks with my walking group. Life is never boring.

Off to Ottawa and North Bay in a couple of weeks and then home all summer until it's time to head to the NorthWest Territories in September. Another couple of adventures to look forward to.

Was dismayed to hear they are killing all the pigs in Egypt due to the Swine flu but somehow it doesn't surprise me either. I love visiting these places but their view towards animals is a bit disturbing including my beloved India. I think I like animals better than humans for the most part...they are so innocent and the way we as a human species treat them is appalling. I guess that's why most of my charitable donations go to animal charities of some kind or the other. Definitely on my "bucket list" is going to the Best Friends no kill animal sanctuary in Utah and helping out with the dogs for a week or so. What a wonderful place it is. They take in animals that no one else wants and work to rehabilitate them so they can find a forever family. If it doesn't work out they have a home forever with Best Friends. Here is the link:

Which brings me to my biggest beef in the world - why people insist on buying purebreds when there are so many beautiful dogs in shelters that need a home. My Sandy was one of them and anyone who met her would agree that you couldn't find a more beautiful loving dog. What is even worse is when people buy dogs at pet stores - almost 100% of the time they are from puppy mills. Once again Best Friends takes these poor dogs in who were used for breeding and don't even know how to walk on a leash, play, interact with humans or other dogs. It's heartbreaking. Makes me want to run over to Petland and start demonstrating right now!!!

On that note I wll say bye for now and will check in again before I head east on the hound in a couple of weeks.