Blue skies in Yellowknife

Frame Lake, Yellowknife

View from Pilot's Monument over Yellowknife Bay - my B & B is right in the middle (pink)

Well here I am at the Yellowknife Public Library with a nutso computer trying to update my blog.

The trip up here yesterday from Hay River was great - the "bus" was a ten person van with three of us originally - one got out at Fort Providence which I was happy about. (he kept leaning over my shoulder with his beery breath and being my personal tour guide until I put my ear phones on and he took the hint) I met a fellow from our Greyhound trip up in Fields in Hay River and he told me the bus trip was horrific and bumpy, etc. and the worst of his life. Well I kept wondering when the bad part was going to start...I didn't find it bad at all - yeah a bit bumpy in places but I've had way worse. I loved the trip and am so glad I did it. The ferry over the MacKenzie river to Providence was short but fun and seeing Bison on the side of the road was even better. The driver was so nice and stopped so I could get some shots although it was getting dark out so they didn't turn out the greatest. However it was awesome to see these huge beasts. Two potty stops as well which made me happy being as I have the bladder of a 95 year old woman.

My taxi driver got a bit lost finding the B & B but we located it - I had been here three years before but at night I did not recognize the place - esp. as there has been major renovations going on. Anyway luckily the owner came up and got me and my luggage up to my room. I am in the Midnight Sun room.

This morning I had breakfast at 7:30 and watched float planes take off into the rising sun - it was awesome. That's one thing I remember...their huge windows overlooking Yellowknife Bay - last time I was here in May 06 the lake was mostly frozen. Not now.

I started off on the 10km walk enjoying the gorgeous day - blue skies and lovely fall foilage. It has been raining here for days and the forecast did not look good so I was happy. On my way to Ragged Ass street I asked a young lady which way to go and not only did she tell me but she also told me about her favourite view. In amongst a bunch of shacks (she lives in one) and along a scraggly old boardwalk was a gorgeous view of the lake. It was beautiful. She is from Quebec and has lived here since May - no indoor toilets or plumbing..not for me but I admire those that can do it and live a simpler life. I can't even imagine living there in the winter.

After walking around the Old Town I walked around Frame Lake which was beautiful. Warning about bears posted although rarely seen - didn't stop me nearly crapping my pants every time I saw a black dog though. :) Hey, I admit it I am a city girl (and proud of it) - not brave at all when it comes to wild animals. I had heard you could go for dog training runs with Beck Kennels. The lady at the visitor centre said I should go out to the Kennels being as I could not reach them as got their voicemail (she did and was able to go out) and the cell phone service is down. So I did...$30 later all I got was a view of the dogs in the kennels. Noisy little buggers. Luckily the taxi driver waited and drove me back. I have left a voice mail so hopefully can connect for tomorrow and go out on a training run. (on wheels) We shall see. Me thinks I will be helping to support the local taxi cab employees while I am here.

I am going to walk around Old Town again next and then treat myself to a nice white fish and chips dinner at Bullocks Bistro - this time I will expect the high price - last time I nearly fainted. It is a crazy place that has to be experienced to be believed yet one of the best places to eat in town. However the food is GOOD. Sure there is A & W, MacDonalds (shudder...), KFC,(or Kentucky Fried Maggots as I like to call it) etc. but I intend to enjoy the local food here even if it costs more money.

If it's clear tonight dare I hope for a show of the Northern Lights. It's all a matter of weather and luck....I guess the view of the lights is magnificent from the windows of the B & B. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!