Well here I sit in the Yellowknife library again....at this moment I should be heading out with some sled dogs on a training run but it's been cancelled due to the weather - cold and wet. Apparently the dogs don't like running in the rain...what a bunch of wooses!!! :) She told me if the weather is good I could go out MOnday evening or Tuesday morning before I fly home. It doesn't make me feel better though.....if the cell phone service hadn't been done yesterday maybe I'd have connected as yesterday was gorgeous here.

No northern lights last night...it clouded up.....

On the bright side the fish and chips at Bullocks Bistro last night were awesome - on the down side I think I left my ATM card there last night. Oh well luckily there is a branch of my bank here and I managed to get a new one. First time I've ever lost my ATM card....So as you can tell it's not my day.....

The B & B is pretty good and I love the location - in Old Town and by the lake so I can watch the float planes fly in and out. I'd love to go on one of those but the northern prices for that are beyond my budget plus not in the rain....the owner is nice but man he is uptight and nervous. I think to be a B & B owner you need to be a bit more relaxed. I've had the place to myself but another room will be occupied tonight.

Man sitting in the midst of a bunch of teenagers here...don't they go to school? Yellowknife is fun to visit but to live here....I'd rather knaw my right hand off.