Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flashback to the 70's

I am here in the north now. I flew up to Edmonton on Wednesday and had about 40 hours there - had a great visit with Colleen (my sister) and we even went for a walk together (and she outwalked me - shame on me!). Had a couple of wonderful meals. It was fun. Then I met Eilleen at the bus depot at midnight on Thursday night and off we headed north. The ride up got more beautiful the further north we got with golden trees amongst the green pines. At Indian Cabins (right before the NWT border) we stopped for a break and the fellow in the shop was so excited that we were from Regina (he lived there for a while) that he gave Eilleen a free hot chocolate and gave me a great deal on some note cards I had bought. People up here are so friendly. The driver stopped at the NWT border and let us get out and take photographs.

Nancy was there to meet us upon our arrival in Hay River. She brought us back to her home where we met her husband Tom and their husky cross Sheena. (so goodie...I get a doggie fix all weekend long) After a delicious stew for supper we headed out for a tour of Hay River. It was a trip down memory lane for me as I lived here in the early 70's - I worked as a telephone operator at Canadian National Telephones (CNT). We saw the remains of the "Zoo" - a bar that us young ladies only went to accompanied by the male of the species - as well as the old telephone office (no longer used, technology eliminated that). Of course 36 years later there have been massive changes and in most ways I barely remember the place but memories are flooding back. After a tour of Old Town we dipped our toes into Great Slave Lake and walked barefoot along the beach as we watched the sun fade into the west. After viewing a spectacular sunset we drove throught the West Channel area of Old Town (Hay River has an Old Town and New Town) which is unique - and back to Nancy and Tom's house. What a wonderful evening - I saw places I had forgotten about (like the purple high school - how you could forget something like that...once I saw it I remembered instantly) and it brought back memories of people I had met here. (good & bad!) Not only memories of friends & boyfriends past but sweet memories of my parents' visit to see me here in September 1973. It was a glorious day as well with blue sunny skies.

This morning it is cloudy but hopefully the rain will hold off. After going to Fisherman's wharf for a fish lunch we are going to Louise & Alexandra Falls this afternoon to do a hike.

It's going to be a wonderful weekend I can tell!

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