Hi from the Arctic

Yep above the Arctic Circle in Inuvik and got my certificate to prove it! The flight was good - Canadian North is the best. Stopped in Norman Wells so got off the plane and had a break - state of the art airport - well they all are being as people have to fly around here to get most places.

My B & B is more like an apartment - I have the place to myself right now and unless someone turns up unexpectedly I will continue to have it to myself.

When I got my certificate one of the city managers took me for a tour around town and drove me down to the mighty MacKenzie river. Beautiful. There is a great hiking trail there around a small lake and NO BEARS so will try that out this weekend. Three nights here - my my I was insane - but oh well I will get to know the place well. Hell I am even going to go to RC church on Sunday morning - just so I can see the inside of the Igloo church. I hope the roof doesn't cave in.

Anyway I am off exploring the town. This library is a wonderful little place and across from my B & B so will be in here a lot and hopefully can keep everyone updated on my northern adventure. Not much to report yet except to say I am here and in one piece. People seem very friendly here.

Snowing a bit here but nothing much - it sounds like I won't see the sun all weekend but oh well.

I brought books with me to read, am opposite the library and am living above a book shop so shouldn't run short of reading material if I get bored.

Cheerio and I hopefully will check in tomorrow.


judi said…
glad to see you are enjoying it all - look forward to some photos