I'm back!

It's been a busy summer of working (have to pay for my adventures somehow!), dog sitting, and walking. I did a couple of short two day walking trips in June but other than day trips was pretty well confined to home. However things are changing!!!

Last weekend a friend and I headed to Medicine Hat, Alberta for a walking weekend put on by the Albert Volkssport Association. It was so much fun. We walked the coulees in Medicine Hat which were beautiful. I have only ever cruised through Medicine Hat by car or hound and never stopped to explore. What a pretty city! I am thinking it would be a good place to go train for a few days when I finally book that elusive trip to Nepal I've been dreaming about for years. We also walked in Elkwater in the Cypress Hills for a day. We stuck to the low level walks which were 6 km each. Enough for me at this point. I got some great shots. My friend Dorothy shocked some Cypress Hills rangers I am sure - they have cameras up in the forest - there have been cougar sightings so that could be why? Not sure. Anyway let's just say they will see more than cougars when they check that tape! Crazy woman! Anyway the Medicine Hat group put on a great weekend including a mealfter the first walk of the weekend. About 8 different kinds of chili con carne, rolls, veggie and dip and desset incuding a huge cake celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Mountain Majesty weekends. All in all a great time.

After a busy weekend of walking and taking part in Marathon events here (I am a volunteer this year again) four more sleeps and I am off on an adventure in Canada's north. The North West Territories this time. I will be traveling by bus from Edmonton (after crashing with my sister for a night and having a visit with her) to Hay River (old stomping ground of the early 70's - let's just say that was the wild time of my life..) for a weekend of walking - the president of the local walking club has graciously offered to put me up, on to Yellowknife for a couple of days and then a weekend in Inuvik. I have wanted to visit Inuvik since I lived in Hay River so I decided why not. I will be gone nearly two weeks. It should be lots of fun. Stay tuned!


judi said…
That looks absolutely beautiful - enjoy Inuvet and looking forward to seeing the photos