Monday, September 28, 2009

It's winter!

Yep it started snowing last night and while it's quite nice temperature wise I have discovered despite my new soles my hiking boots are quite slippery.

Anyway....the boat trip was all right. I wouldn't call it 'absolutely amazing' like the other person on the trip did but it was okay. Luckily the boat was enclosed although still on the chilly side - we went up the east channel of the MacKenzie stopping at the Reindeer station to get out and walk around. Which is a place where a herd of reindeer resided and were looked after - then "harvested". The guide was good and had lived there all his life - he and the other fellow talked about how sad it was that the northern way of life of hunting and trapping and living off the land has ended. I won't say what I thought. Anyway the station was there in the 70's for about ten years and is now deserted. There are still the cabins but they have been trashed by the bears. Guess there are grizzly bear dens up in the Caribou Hills behind the station. Once we got up to that area the snow started falling and followed us back to Inuvik. We then went onto the main part of the MacKenzie River for a bit but everything starts to look the same after a while.

We didn't see any animals besides a beaver and some rabbits so that was disappointing. It was pretty interesting to see such a remote area - probably one of the most remote areas I've ever been in if not the most remote. I am glad I wore my hiking boots as we were walking through mud and puddles.

I found out that one of the hotels l here charges less than what I am paying for my hovel...I mean bed and breakfast place...but of course he is getting government rates plus staying for six weeks. When I did my research every place charged way more than what I am paying. Anyway if my flight gets cancelled and I am stuck here for another night (I want to run screaming out of here at the thought) I will splurge and stay at a decent place. One thing place is cozy and warm and at least the TV works.

One embarasssing thing...I had been leaving my glasses, mugs, plates, etc. to do one big wash as the dish detergent is nearly gone...well yesterday they came in and washed everything up for me.

I haven't seen the sun since I got here so I guess I am not meant to live in British Columbia...I am going crazy without the sun! At least in Saskatchewan even when it's -40 the sun will be shining. I can't even begin to imagine what it would like to live here in the winter especially in December when there is about two hours of daylight a day - you have to be a special sort of person (crazy?) to live here then.

Oh well hopefully tomorrow morning I will be back in Yellowknife watching the incredible sunrise over Great Slave Lake and seeing the float planes taking off.....PLEASE!!!!!!

After I have my alloted time on the computer I will cross the street, finish packing up and start thinking of heading to the airport. My flight leaves at 1:43 p.m. and I will get into Yellowknife at 4:15. Then I fly home the next day.

All high school classes were cancelled today due to diesel fumes in the school so it was a race to beat kids onto a computer. (I discovered this after I got here right after the library opened) The library is well used that is for sure and of course being quiet in a library is a thing of the past.... I am seriously thinking of getting one of those netbooks to have in time for my next trip. Then I can happily surf or blog wherever and whenever I darn well please.

So this will definitely be my last post...unless my flight gets cancelled.

I will update this with pictures later in the week.

Cheerio from the north!

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Anonymous said...

miss you - hope weather is being nice to you

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