Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last day in Hay River

Later today I will head off on the bus to Yellowknife - not arriving until about 11:30 p.m. I wish it was earlier but what can you do....the bus goes to Enterprise and meets the folks that have come from Edmonton.

Yesterday Eilleen and I did the 10 km town walk. We did it in two parts - the 5 km part that goes out to Great Slave Lake - well to the ice road into the lake actually. Which is not an ice road right now! The actual path goes by the river but it is frequented by bears and Nancy herself won't even go down there. I think she referred to it as "bear alley". So we walked on the road. Not as pretty but much safer. Eilleen said if she had done the walk by herself she would have done the path - not me - I am not very brave when there are animals around that could at the very least make me drop dead with fear. This time of year they are foraging for berries and other things to get fat for their winter hibernation so are out there. Nancy only walks that route in the winter when they are hibernating. I figure if a local avoids that route so will I.

Anyway we came back here and had some lunch then headed out again to do the town walk. We popped in to say hi to Nancy at the library and stamp our walking books. We then walked past the trailer court I used to live in when I first moved to Hay River...I would hope the trailer is long gone as it was ancient then. Then past the Singles apartments (all bachelor apartments) where I lived for two months....walls like paper.....party central back in 1973. Oh well it was an adventure back then and I don't regret my brief stay in Hay River one little bit.

Last night we took Nancy and Tom out for supper to Back Eddy's - we all ordered the white fish (from Great Slave Lake) which was delicious with a spicy sauce on it. We all indulged in dessert as well as beer/wine so it was a great meal and we were all full when we came back here.

I did laundry last night so this morning will see me totally repacking my suitcase and then I will take another walk downtown for old time's sake. I hope to take Sheena for a short walk too - what a sweet dog she is. I want to take her home!

Nancy and Tom have been such wonderful hosts - I sure hope they can get some people to join the club as Nancy has worked so hard to create some beautiful walks. People don't realize how lucky they are to have a Volkssport club up here.

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