Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting restless

Well it's been three months since my last post. Apart from a trip to see family in Alberta I've been staying at home. Getting VERY restless! I need the excitement of the road badly. I have a good life and good friends, good jobs, blah blah blah but I need the excitement of discovering new places and meeting new people. I crave it.

I leave for Mexico two weeks from tomorrow - woo hoo!!! My hotel looks adorable:

I have an ocean view room and plan to spend many hours on my balcony enjoying the sunshine, meditating and reading some good books. I plan to walk the malecon, visit the local markets, eat some good food, do some photography and explore. I just need some time away on my own. I can't wait!!! I wish it was more than a week but oh well - there is always another year. I have fantasies of bussing it all over Mexico on my own one winter. However I will definitely have to improve my Spanish before then....

Another trip is in the works...far less relaxing....but should be fun if it all works out. More later... I had booked a trip to California but decided against it for numerous reaons. Not ruling it out at a future date but not this year - it's still my dream to do the Surf City half marathon and claim my surf board medal. But first I need to get into shape....I haven't done a half marathon in nearly three years and it shows unfortunately. I feel like I have another ten half marathons in me. I walk, I don't run but not going to apologize for that. I already have bad knees, I don't need to wreck them anymore.

I can't handle the Saskatchewan winters anymore so at least I am getting away for three weeks of this one. Eventually I hope to escape them permanently. I am a misplaced ocean child!

Stay tuned!

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