Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from the beach

Well wandered around this morning - I tried walking to the lighthouse but got misplaced so will try it again Friday morning. Someone told me the correct route so will try that Friday morning.
I walked around the Old Town again and went to the market again but I love the area. Toured an old house until it got swamped by a bunch of damn tourists....
The old town is pretty quiet which is what I love. (except when you get to the market/cathedral area then it gets a bit nuts but hey, as I keep saying compared to India it is nothing)
Just back from a dip and a bit of a relaxation at the beach across the street, then I am off to the Golden Zone which is the main tourist area. Will take the bus this time!
A fellow I was talking to walked there and back last night - sort of put me in my place although he did not walk in the heat of the day. Then again he walked up to the lighthouse and back in the a.m. Oh well.
My a/c is working - all they did was turn it on. I swear I did that over and over again. How embarassing....
If I write formally it is only because I cannot figure out how to get an apolstrophe.
Anyway I best get up to my room for a quick shower and change and off to explore tourist land - I will probably come running back to sanity here.

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-pat- said...

sounds like you are having a nice warm relaxing time.

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