Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Well had a wonderful breakfast at a place called I Love Lucy - yes they show Lucy reruns and the place is a riot. Took lots of photos. I had nogales cactus with potatoes and refried beans. Tasted better than it sounds - rather like squashed green beans sauteed with tomatoes and spices - it was absolutely delicious. The owner there is from California and was a great source of local info. He directed me to a wonderful shop in Centro with local crafts. I got myself a lovely sunflower mug as well as another piece of pottery and some more napkin I need more. I am obsessed with napkin rings and coasters - wonder if there is a support group for that.

Now I am back at the hotel (computer in the lobby if you are lucky enough to catch it empty) and then up to my room to dump my stuff and head out.

Late this afternoon I will go the local theatre and see a Flamenco production so am quite excited about that. Then I will have a nice dinner in the square. I love this area.

On the way back I was able to photograph the street I mentioned yesterday.

The people here are amazing - all so friendly and helpful. I wish I could speak Spanish - am already thinking of coming here to study Spanish for a few weeks some day down the road. And have decided Mazatlan is my refuge for when I need an escape - as long as WestJet still has their direct flights and super fares how can I resist popping down here to recharge my batteries. Although I may have to revisit Puerto Vallarta to do a comparison. I know I liked PV too so guess I will just have to check it out again!!!

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-pat- said...

Can't wait to see the Lucy Photos

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