Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodbye Mazatlan

This time tomorrow I will be back hoo.

Had my last balcony sunset today....

Tonight I had a lovely meal in Plaza Machado. Shrimp fajitas that were to die for - plump shrimps, onions, peppers, mushrooms and cheese. Oh yummy....And a big honkin margarita. Staggered over to Revolution Square but the entertainment ended as I got there. Bummer. Oh well.

Hung out on my balcony this afternoon. Will miss sitting there chilling and watching people walk along the Malecon. Maybe tomorrow I will see Sophia and her owner one last time - this older fellow and his ancient dog walk along the Malecon in the morning - the poor doggie can barely walk and he is not much better. You see all sorts of sights. Tonight I saw a golden Lab with a coat on...(I snickered all the way back here...) which is something I have not seen at home...yep they put coats on the doggies here in the evenings cos it is COLD...uh huh. 15C is real cold....YOu can tell the North American dogs...they aren{t wearing coats!!!

I would stay here at La Siesta again in a heartbeat. The price is right and the view cannot be beat. I have talked to two people who stayed in all inclusives in the north end then came here and prefer it here. They both said that it is full of life here. And so true. This place is a little rough around the edges but I love it. Being in the heart of the old town is fantastic. Very safe - I took normal precautions but never felt at all uncomfortable.

People here are so laid back...and the North American retirees and ex-pats - well I think you would have to slap them silly to take the grins off their faces.

Mazatlan, I will come to see you again!!!

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