Howdy from Sioux Falls South Dakota

Paying a premium price for half an hour internet but have an hour and a half to kill. No where really to eat except an Indian restaurant next door. I love Indian food but not when I am traveling. Luckily the driver stopped at an Arbys so grabbed a sandwich.

Anyway am on the road at last. We left on time and while the road was icy in places (cars in the ditch) our driver got us this far safely - in between listening to the Vikings football on his earphones and phoning his buddies to hear every play. Oh well he's an experienced driver as I know I've had him before on this route.

We are changing busses here - just hope they switch my luggage okay. I caught them taking my suitcase off the bus at Fargo when it was supposed to stay on...oh Little Rock he said - yeah it should stay on. DUH.....

I go as far as Kansas City then have a three hour layover about 4:30 a.m.. What I can remember of the Kansas City bus depot is not good and the area is even worse. I go to Fort Smith, Arkansas and another change of bus and hopefully will arrive into Little Rock tomorrow around 6 p.m. Plans have changed and I will go straight to Biloxi, Mississippi leaving Wednesday at 1:30 a.m and getting in sometime in the late afternoon.

There was a Sudanese lady on our bus - elderly and could not speak a word of English except 'chicken' and 'go pee'. I felt so sorry for her as she was so confused - I caught her showing phone numbers to the cashiers at Arbys so directed her to the bathroom. Her daughter put her on the bus in Winnipeg and there is supposed to be someone here to pick her up. The bus driver had to go and rescue her from every stop we had along the way.

Some fellow had some kind of tourettes thing going on - he would make these weird noises like Oscar or was it Felix used to make on the Odd Couple. Clearing out his sinuses. Yikes. It got to me after a while so at one stop I moved to the front - well not the suicide seat but the next one. You get all kinds on the hound.

Other than that things have been fine. Finished off a book and listening to my tunes and chilling.