In the Big Easy

Mardi Gras tree - Biloxi tourist centre

Well we arrived in New Orleans tonight from Biloxi. Just had a wonderful dish of jambalya at a local restaurant here in the Garden District. Our B & B is so cute - more like a studio apartment.

Biloxi was great - I did two walks there and especially loved Ocean Springs. Beautiful little downtown area with neat shops and restaurants - a return visit is in order! I walked over the bridge from Biloxi to Ocean Springs - 1.3 miles and it was great. This is a new one as the original was destroyed by Katrina. Had a wonderful day for walking. They are busy rebuilding from the devastation of Katrina. Everywhere you look is construction. In Ocean Springs I had a couple of donuts at a local place where the donuts are legendary. They were pretty good. I debated between lunch in downtown Ocean Springs or downtown Biloxi....well I opted for Biloxi and not many choices but I did pick a good one The Schooner restaurant where I had a shrimp poboy sandwich. My first of a few on the trip!

We walked along the beach and put our hands into the water of the Gulf was windy and dull today as opposed to yesterday which was warm and sunny.

However no rain until we got on the bus today.

Stayed at the Grand Casino in Biloxi as it was cheap - brand new building but built on the "other" side of the highway. Anything ocean side was destroyed or had major damage. The first night all they had was smoking rooms - yuck!!! I was able to move the next day but my clothes still smelled of smoke - double yuck. How can people do that to themselves? GROSS!!! However casinos and smoking go together - that addictive personality. (though I can talk..I am addicted to chocolate......and traveling)

No sleep last night - one of those nights I could not fall asleep - so am tired so will sign off for now.

Off to explore the French Quarter tomorrow - second trip to N'awlins and this time I have my appetite. Yay!!!