Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let's try it again

Okay here we go again...same bellman/driver too so hopefully I make it as far as the bus depot. :)

Adjusted my schedule to have a day trip from New Orleans to Baton Rouge to do the capital walk.

If it doesn't go today well who knows whether it will be tomorrow or Tuesday...not scheduled to go tomorrow.

A big storm is predicted for Winnipeg and the bad thing is it's working it's way up from the U.S. So we will be heading right into it but we're a bus and we're big....right?

Anyway have to think of this as part of the adventure. What can I do? Nothing.

Hopefully my next post will be from Little Rock.

Nothing against Winnipeg - it has lots to offer but not when you want to be somewhere else!


Dena said...

So I'm hoping since we haven't heard from you, you're out!

Going to be such fun here tomorrow, trying to get to work.

Happy travels!

Laurie said...

Oh I hear there was a snowstorm in Regina too....can't wait to get out of the stuff....good luck getting to work tomorrow!!!

stepping said...

You poor thing!

Love, Eilleen

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