Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mountains, cactuses and banana cream pie

Went on a tour to the Sierra Madre mountains today - to three towns. It was a nice enough tour and I got some lovely photographs. However the people in the van with me were basically a bunch of a**holes and dolts but we won´t go there. The highlight was visiting a tiny village with cobblestone streets. I got to see my first huge cactus, can´t remember what they are called. But you see them in cowboy films! We had lunch (included) which featured banana cream pie for dessert - ¨the best you´ve tasted¨. Uh...I don´t think so. But it was okay. They were selling t-shirts to help the local kids go to school so I got one. All I need to buy now is some locally roasted coffee beans and some Kahlua at the duty free at the airport and I am set. Last of the big time spenders. I got myself a tiny little pottery dish for my jewellry (with a sunflower on of course) - which reminds me haven´t bought any of that yet. I buy the market hand made stuff.

I have booked a booze cruise for tomorrow....I am doing it just for access to the beach rather than walking over and taking the ferry as not sure where I am going. For $20 why includes lunch which is a mixed blessing as then I am too full to indulge in a wonderful meal in Old Town. I don´t plan to get bombed as on your own it´s just not fun - just kind of scary, sad and pathetic. So I get to go and christen my new room (more on that later) with sand. The downside of going to the beach and being slightly chubby.....sand everywhere in places that are unmentionable.

Am in an internet cafe on Revolution Square - if I shifted my butt over a bit I could see the cathedral. I might even go there on Sunday - no I haven´t turned religous let alone RC (god forbid - my dad would rise from the dead and bitch slap me silly) but they are letting pets in this Sunday so thought it would be fun to see that. Although I might start yelling ¨don´t do it¨. Took Sandy to a RC blessing ceremony as it was near me and a month later she was diagnosed with diabetes. Yep that really helped.

The a/c in my room has died so had to change rooms - a shame as it´s smaller and I don´t have my friend the palm tree shading me on my balcony. I do have an unobstructed view of the sunset. Today I went to a bar down the street and had a Corona for a change. (as in going to a bar to have a beer rather than one on my balcony) One of the older hotels down the street lost it´s balcony last night - rubble everywhere. Not sure if anyone was injured. Someone at the hotel told me as they heard sirens galore. Man didn´t think I slept last night but obviously I slept through that part.รง

Yikes this keyboard rivals the one in Cairo for non stop fun.

Last night had a meal in Plaza Machado and it was good but different - still not sure those were shrimps and it was too damn dark to see. Long story....of course it was two for one margarita night so who knows...I was good and didn´t finish the second one. For the reason see second paragraph. I didn´t have Pearl to hold me up and stop me falling off the very high pavement!

Visited the Golden Zone yesterday and as I predicted I came screeching back to Old Town. Bunch of over priced restaurants, shops with owners harassing you and drunk tourists. No thanks. Would never stay anywhere but the Old Town if I ever came back here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow´s adventures.

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