Friday, January 22, 2010

On the road again....on the road again.....(thank you Willie Nelson!)

Well in a few hours (less than four to be precise) I will be off again on my new adventure. I will be taking the bus to Winnipeg, overnighting there then off on the hound south at 9:15 Saturday morning (due to only 50 minutes between busses - not enough time in the winter with a bus every other day) - I can't believe I am doing this again after my hound trip to the south two years ago..I have rocks in my head but hey I am still gonna write that book "Tails from the Hound" - believe me I have lots of "tails". Anyway my first stop will be Little Rock, Arkansas. You see I am on a mission to walk all the state capitals of the U.S.A. (a lifetime project) - I doubt I will get to them all but it's fun trying. I will hit four on this trip. (Little Rock, Montgomery, Baton Rouge & Oklahoma City) I am staying at a B & B in Little Rock that looks great...

It looks nice - a little splurge. Check out the breakfast - I am already drooling. Well I have found capital cities are not cheap to stay in due to all those government types staying there. So actually for Little Rock this was reasonable. However I have found most B & B's in the US are more like inns which are very expensive - beyond my budget for the amount I travel anyway. I am staying at what looks like a nice B & B in Oklahoma City too.

I roll into town Sunday evening at 6 p.m. Monday I plan to do the 10 km capital city walk and the lady in charge of the walk has kindly given me instructions to get to the walk from my bed and breakfast. I plan to check out the ducks at the Peabody Hotel....they march down to their pond at 11 a.m. and back to their little home at 5 p.m. Gotta love it! Guess this happens in a lot of Peabody hotels, from what I can gather it started in Memphis so guess I will have to check that out when I finally get there someday. (wonder if they are "Elvis" ducks?)

Will try to keep this blog updated. One of these fine days I will get myself a lap top or at least a net book but then again I am thinking where the hell would I put it? My day pack is full to bursting with spare undies (you just never know...Paul McCartney, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth or George Clooney might decide to take the Greyhound and I will shit myself), my camera, snackies, books, necessary toiletries (that you need when traveling longer than 12 hours trust me), two MP3 players (don't ask) - where would I put a net book?

So I will try to find internet access here and there...anyway stay tuned. I am kicking myself that I didn't take off last night and have a full day in Winnipeg to do a walk but then again when I planned this trip I didn't think it would be this warm. I am doing a walk with the gang in Winnipeg on my way back and Lea is going to lend me a jacket.

Anyway guess I had better get out of my jammies and start getting ready. The bag is packed and by the door as is the backpack - well not too close to the door as I have a woman opposite me that smokes like a bloody chimney and my hallway STINKS of cigarette smoke despite my shoving towels under my door. Anyway let's not discuss THAT.....gets me in a bad mood! I have bad thoughts about that woman...very dark thoughts....that I won't discuss here or you will think I am really nasty.

Talk to y'all later!!

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