Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stuck in Winnipeg

Due to ice and snow in the midwest the highway in northern North Dakota was closed this morning so no bus. Will try again tomorrow but it doesn't look good.

This has been the day from hell. Began with me squirting ketchup all over myself this morning at breakfast - the ironic thing is this is the first time I've ever used ketchup on my breakfast potatoes and that's what I get. That just seems funny now...but it was an indication on how my day would go...

Got to the bus depot on the free shuttle from the hotel...despite skidding through a red light - he realized it was red as he entered it. Luckily being a Saturday only one car and it managed to avoid us....

Wait it gets better.....Checked in and got my ticket for Little Rock. Headed over to the airport to get another coffee.....came back and found out the highway was closed and the bus was cancelled.

So call the hotel and get a shuttle back....and what does he do but slam into the back of a van. He asked me if he was at fault and I said legally yes when you rear end someone you are at fault for following too closely - even though she stopped when he wasn't expecting her to. No apparent damage to the vehicles. Geesh!! My neck is stil bothering me so I am worried about whip lash.

Anyway have put in a day...went out for a bit but it's snowing and mucky and horrible. Sort of matches my mood.

NOT in a good mood. Changed my B & B reservation to Monday but will have to cancel Montgomery and do it on the way back.

If it doesn't go tomorrow then maybe Monday even though not scheduled as the driver will want to get home..(according to Greyhound)

Winnipeg downtown has a lot of drunks and low lifes. Yikes. I would walk around New York at night before I'd walk around here. One had the nerve to hold out a coffee cup at me wanting money and I snarled NO at him. Not good to mess with me today!!!

Hopefully my next post will be a happy one from Little Rock...but what can you do about the weather....not a damn thing. That's what happens when you travel in North America in the winter.

Just hope it's a different shuttle driver tomorrow or I might not even make it to the bus!!!!

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