I'm home!

Arrived home this morning - the bus trip from Winnipeg went quickly and arrived early no less. There weren't many of us on the bus either.

Had a very cold walk yesterday in Winnipeg...brrrr...still shivering. It's cold here too. Unfortunately it's back to the real world and not a plane back to the warmth...or warmER weather I should say.

I will be unpacking shortly - I am sure my clothes will get out of the suitcase themselves and march single file to the laundry hamper. I managed to "freshen" up a few things but that was it.

What a trip...very busy and tiring but fun. Met some fantastic people along the way. And some not so fantastic.

The bus driver between Kansas City and Sioux Falls, SD was for want of a better word..a prick. A little prick at that...I think he had small man syndrome. Not only was he officious and bossy but he was downright rude - we were verbally abused and yelled at the entire time. He treated us all like we were scum and beneath him. Once I have my marbles back (hopefully tomorrow) I intend to write a letter to Jefferson Lines with a complaint. I guess it won't be the first time he's been reported.

Will post some photos on here when my mind returns too as well as going into more depth on this trip.

Now I am home until late May when I head to Cape Breton for our annual CVF convention. After that who knows....lots of ideas.