Monday, February 1, 2010

N'awlins Who Dat!!!

Have had a blast here. Saw two parades...the one yesterday was men wearing dresses...honouring Buddy D.....guess he said if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl he'd wear a dress and parade across New Orleans. Sadly he passed away a few years back so football fans did this in his honour. It was a hoot...some really outdid themselves!!!! Make up, high heels - it was hilarious! The one Saturday night was a pre Mardi Gras parade with all sorts of characters and wonderful music.

New Orleans is a naughty place and I love it!

We did a horse and carriage tour on Saturday afternoon and I could barely understood a word the fella said as he talked so fast and with his thick Louisiana accent. He was a sweetie though and the horse's name was "Sugar". (in case anyone wants to know...) I took video and have replayed it since and still can't understand what he was saying!!

We shared a half muffelata - a sandwich in a huge bun with different kinds of meat, cheese and an olive sauce. Now I hate olives but this was good. I'd had one on my previous trip to New Orleans so I told Pat I had to have another one. This time I enjoyed it so much more. It sucks to be in New Orleans when you are sick...that was me in 2004.

Hit the French Quarter Saturday night and had a couple of hurricanes (drinks with a huge amount of rum in) and saw some live music and boogied a bit as well. Particularly enjoyed the piano bar as well.

Went to Baton Rouge to do the 10km walk today - once was enough.....

Will miss it here - what a crazy place - it beats Vegas as a fun place to go - there is no comparison really. The people here are really special too. I always seem to come here when it's wild - in 04 it was New Years plus the Sugar Bowl or something - they had a team in and now of course the Saints are in the Super Bowl (Who Dat!!!!)

It's been chilly though.....thank goodness we figured out how to work the heater in our room - we nearly froze to death the first night. .

Back to the land of ice and snow at the weekend.

"Sweet Home Alabama" tomorrow!!

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