Saturday, March 27, 2010

Howdy again from Scottsdale

Decided to break this up..

Anyway yesterday I went to the Desert Botanical Garden which was lovely except so crowded - yikes. I took the bus and missed the special entrance when I got off and walked the long way along a busy road until I clued into a hiking/cycling path so did that. Was exhausted by the time I got there. The Spring flowers were in bloom so it was very pretty. I'd go there again.

On the way out I discovered the special short cut for "bus people" so it was fast. Off by bus to Tempe and the Arts festival. It was fun but I didn't buy anything - so much it was overwhelming. The highlight was a booth that sold dog hats and the fellow had all four of his dogs up on the table (including a black retriever!) snoozing on cushions with hats on! I had to take pictures of course! I had a beef on a bun thing and sat outside and enjoyed it. They had a wine testing but with the heat and my exhaustion didn't think it was a good idea to partake!

Then back by LRT to my room as was exhausted.

This morning I walked over to the Phoenix farmers market which I loved - had a breakfast burrito there which was really good and coffee of course. Got myself some coffee beans, a meditation CD, a couple of pairs of earring and a gorgeous pendant made from wood. This fellow finds fallen wood in the forest and makes jewellry from it. Then I bussed it to Old Town Scottdale and visited the market there - had some wonderful banana ice cream but it doesnt' have the atmosphere of the downtown one. This one is much more upscale.

Next it's off to explore the shops and galleries of Old Town and from there who knows....

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