Howdy from Scottsdale

Well I'm at the Scottsdale Public library right now. Finally made it here. I arrived 24 hours later than expected due to a snow storm in Denver and was rerouted on Delta via Minneapolis. The fella at Regina airport did not check me in at all. (the people behind me got on the flight okay as the guy finally figured out how to do their job) It was funny as I was paged on the plane before we left Regina and handed a set of "new" tickets that looked just like the old ones - with 'seats to be assigned' on them. I thought it was sorted. I went to the gate and after putting us off for ages they finally talked to us poor "seatless" people and that's when it was discovered I was never checked in for the flight. The fellow who was dealing with me didn't seem to know what he was doing and was dealing with some security issue and he said he "didn't know" if I was on the flight or not. Well I stood there waiting while he was on the phone and figured it out when my plane backed out of the jetway. Okay...finally another agent came along (who had been a real bitch to a passenger earlier) and I thought "oh no" but she was fine with me....I got a $400 travel voucher, a hotel voucher and vouchers for two meals. (only used one) By this time I was absolutely exhausted - due to the stress and lack of sleep the night before I could barely find my way to the main terminal to get the shuttle. Anyway was so keyed up I could barely sleep. Off on the flight the next day and here I am.

My hotel is fine - clean and does the job. The breakfast leaves a bit to be desired. Coffee with instant creamer and a pastry in plastic just doesn't do it for me although I noticed this morning they had bananas too. Tomorrow I will eat there.

I did the Phoenix downtown 6 km walk which was interesting. I looked inside the State Capital - it has a wonderful bronze dome and is refreshingly different from others I've seen. I also visited the Wells Fargo musuem where I got photographed inside a stage coach and had my picture taken on money. I went to buy a pen and the guy gave it to me for free - hey, it's the little things right? I like downtown Phoenix and their LRT is wonderful - so new and modern. It literally it.

Had supper at Sam's Southwestern cuisine - had shrimp tacos which were delish. Sat outside by a fountain and loved it.