Phoenix here I come!

Well I hit the road again tomorrow morning - flight leaves at 6:43 a.m and I am Phoenix bound. Well supposedly. Someone told me the girl in Tim Hortons at the airport says that the Denver flight is often delayed or cancelled. So take that as you will - all I can say is it damn well better not be!!!

I plan to hit the ground running all being well and on time. A bus and light rail to my hotel... I want to do the 6 km downtown walk and tour the State Capital building followed by a trip to the downtown farmers market which runs from 4 to 8 p.m. Supposedly I have a fridge in my room so can buy some fruit, etc. (we won't say what the etc. is) Then an early night as I will be exhausted!

Of course the reason for going is need to say Paul Who is there? It's the opening concert of his 2010 tour. I have been wanting to explore Phoenix so it was a good excuse. I am hoping for a side trip to Sedona as well.

And I am doing it a very non traditional way - staying in the downtown area and exploring by public transit. I've heard it's difficult but we shall see...the only problem I can foresee is getting back from the concert Sunday evening. It will probably be a very expensive taxi ride. Oh well I am sure I will be too happy to care. :) There is just too much to see and do. I plan to visit the Desert Botanical Garden & the Heard musuem and possibly the zoo. There is a 50th birthday party for Duchess the Orangatan on Saturday. Now I don't know what got me more excited - getting to sing Happy Birthday to an Orangatan (pardon my spelling) or that the first 500 people there get cupcakes. (I am not above knocking a few kids over to get one) Speaking of which that is the one thing that has me apprehensive. I am not the greatest lover of small children - to put it mildly. And the zoo will be full of them...ick. All screaming and running and bloody shoving me out of the way or standing in my way so I can't get that super shot of some adorable critter. My last two trips to zoos (Toronto & San Diego) were cut short due to screeching pushy kids. I can handle one or two at a time especially if I am related to them or know their parents well but not hoards. I still have horrible flashbacks to picking my niece up from daycare way back in the 70's - shudder!

Okay got myself worked up there...anyway it is going to be a hot one but anything is better than March in Saskatchewan.

I plan to attend an arts festival as well in Tempe (and do a walk there) and there is an international festival downtown with entertainment and food.

I will try to blog but it depends on how often I can access a computer.