Sunday, May 16, 2010

Four more sleeps..

Until the next adventure...Thursday I fly off to Halifax. Yippee, can't wait. I love Halifax. I will be staying at the dorms at St. Mary's University - for $42 a night which includes tax and brekky you can't go wrong..Well maybe some people may think you can but I am used to staying in cheap basic places. If I didn't I couldn't afford all these trips. When I do stay in a nice place (such as The Cambridge Suites during the walking convention in Sydney - sharing a room) it makes it all that much more exciting.

I was registered for the Blue Nose Half marathon in Halifax a week from today but have had to downgrade due to not being in shape to do it. (no one's fault but my own) I should be able to do 10km and what's neat is that the 10k goes over the bridge into Dartmouth which will be so much fun whereas the half marathon didn't - it goes into Pleasant Park which I will cover on one of my own walks. Better to discover new places. I can't wait to attend the runners expo and attend the pasta party. I love all the hype of marathons but the best part is the MEDAL - yes even the 10k people get a medal. It's all about the hardware! I sure hope I do better next Sunday than I did on my 10k today - I feel like I got the shit kicked out of me. I think it's the heat. Just not used to it yet - I need to get my butt out the door earlier now.

Anyway back to Halifax I plan to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic as well as do a couple of the club walks there - visit an Irish pub called Durty Nellie's and generally enjoy myself. Visit Cows ice cream....moooooo. Or should I say oink! :) Not too much time there...but I plan to hit the ground running. Ah the ocean the ocean...can't wait!

Anyway after Halifax or during Halifax I will be flying off to St. Johns Newfoundland for 48 hours...will be staying at a hostel called the Foggy Rock looks new and very nice. Looks like a B & B with the last B. Sadly the couple who run the B & B I stayed at two years ago have retired. They recommended another place but it was too much money for my budget. I love St. Johns and I love the people there.

Then on to Sydney for the CVF convention which will be fun - hopefully the meetings wont' be too long. When I left SaskTel I swore NO MORE MEETINGS but somehow meetings for a walking club aren't as dire and boring and shitty (can you tell I enjoyed my SaskTel meetings?) as the ones I had to particpate in at SaskTel. After the convention I will be renting a car and heading around the Cabot Trail staying in B & B's and hopefully weather permitting taking loads of photos and doing some amazing hiking.

Should be a fun trip.

Stay tuned!!!

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