Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello from sunny Halifax

Public gardens in Halifax
Beautiful day here. Long day yesterday...flew to Calgary, then Toronto - luckily didn't have to change planes but was able to get off and walk around a bit. Arrived into Halifax on time and took the airporter in - the driver was very nice and dropped me at the university so it was a five minute walk if that to the dorm. Needless to say he got a tip! It would have been a half hour hour walk to the university - up hill. No probls when you have no luggage but otherwise it saved me a taxi fare. My room fits the bill. I share a bathroom with about six other rooms which is what I am used to. The bed is all university beds seem to be but I can live. Woke up to hear some guy saying loudly "Is this it" and his wife trying to shush him and saying I am disappointed too. I briefly thought "I'm glad I don't have one of those" and promptly fell back to sleep. I walked over to Spring Garden Road to get something to eat and then back to the room and crashed.
This morning up early (don't want to think of the time in Sask. but then again went to bed before 8 p.m. Sask time so...) and after a nice hot breakfast (included with my $42 room) I headed out on the 10km walk. The route passed right by the university. I did the water front which I love - was going to pop into the Maritime musuem but the day is so glorious decided to go later.
Picked up my race packet for the 10k on Sunday - felt a pang when I saw the Half marathon table but oh well. The t-shirt is a black tech shirt so am pleased. I nearly didn't get my pasta party ticket - that was a hassle getting up but I paid enough for the damn thing. It was fun browsing the expo - got myself a new pair of socks. I am obsessed with moisture wicking socks I must admit but hey I don't get blisters so there. I misplaced my lens cap and asked around but went back to St. Paul's church where I had stopped in and sure enough there it it was on the pew where I had meditated. I think one of my relatives up there is keeping track of me - or at least my lens cap. I have misplaced it so many times it's not even funny anymore but it always turns up. There was a camera sitting on a table as you went in the church - felt a pang for that person!!! Hope they can get back and retrieve it.
Popped in here to do a half hour on the 'net then on to the Public Gardens which I LOVE - tulips galore everywhere and sunshine. Woo hoo. I will carry on with the walk back to the dorm. Rest up a bit and dump my stuff then come back downtown to peruse Mountain Equipment Co-op and hopefully have an early dinner at Durty Nellie's.
It is supposed to be nice all weekend. Yay!
Tomorrow I hope to do a 5 km walk in Mount Pleasant Park and take a ferry over to Dartmouth just to take the ferry plus I've never been to Dartmouth except to drive to and from the airport. I will be walking over the bridge to Dartmouth on Sunday but a different area than the ferry goes. You know to explore!!!
Hopefully I will get to post tomorrow.

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Sounds like a good day

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