Hi from Dartmouth

Just took the ferry over here and low and behold there is a library! So thought I'd pop in and update my blog and check email.
This morning I did a 5 km walk over to Point Pleasant Park which is gorgeous. I enjoyed it last time I was here so made a "point" of going back. All sorts of paths and you feel like you are in the country - surrounded by ocean! Got my doggie fix as well. Then I walked to Lower Water St. and visited the Halifax farmers market. It was HUGE and would have been enjoyable but it was absolutely packed as in not being able to move. I treated myself to a veggie samosa and bought myself some wild blueberry tea (delish!) and carried on to the ferry terminal. The trip over was nice - it's another sunny day here.
There is a market over on this side as well but not as big or crowded so much more enjoyable. I sat and had a coffee (and something else...yeah I was naughty....) and listened to a couple of musicians. I will head back on the ferry and over to the Maritime Musuem then on to the pasta party.
Last night went to Durty Nellie's for dinner - had lamb stew and a drink called Whoa Nellie! - rum, orange schnapps and different juices. Yum! I now know why it was called Whoa Nellie as I lurched drunkenly around Halifax afterwards.
Tomorrow is the big race but not going to get uptight over it (so she says now) and will just think of it as a normal 10km walk except I can't sit down in the middle of it or go get a coffee...oh dear.
The pasta party is tonight - well it starts at 3 pm this afternoon actually but I don't intend to go until about 5 p.m.
Not sure what I will do tomorrow afternoon - recuperate gasping on my bed? (if I can make it back there).
Herring Cove is still calling me but not sure there are busses out there on Sunday...will see.
Off to Newfoundland for 48 hours on Monday...