On the rock or in the foggy rock -not!

Well here I am in St. John's - ended up to be a lovely day. Was overcast when I arrived but not blue sky and cool. However I am trying to rest my poor feet today so didn't walk too far. I did walk in the downtown area and up and down hills (hard not to here..). Angela, the owner of the hostel (Foggy Rock hostel) met me at the airport. My room is huge with a TV and right by the bathroom. Plus access to a computer 24/7. Gotta love it! It is an old Jellybean house right downtown. I am here until Wed. afternoon.
I had asked about tours and Angela called me to say there is a tour to Cape St Mary's tomorrow and I will get it for $50 - half price. No complaints there! It is supposed to be a beautiful day..apparently it's been raining and dull for a while.
I guess I could tour the rest of the city but I love the downtown area - I am sure the rest of St. Johns is like any other Canadian city so staying in this area makes it special. Love the jelly bean houses, the harbour, the hills, etc.
I had a combo lunch/dinner - fish cakes (cod with potato) and an absolutely huge salad with loads of veggies. Then spotted dick (cake) with patridgeberry sauce for dessert. I am stuffed! I had it in a little restaurant overlooking the harbour - could not take my eyes off the view towards The Narrows and Signal Hall.
St. Johns has a working harbour - so loads of huge ships in right now. No icebergs unfortunately.
Yesterday I did the 10k in one hour 50 minutes and 20 seconds. It went well and I enjoyed it. The crazy part was we all got the same medal and t-shirt - from the 5 k up to the marathon. I must admit if I was a marathoner I'd have been really really annoyed. The bad part was I felt so good I decided to carry on and do things such as touring the citadel (highly overrated although I did get a pic of myself and my medal with some dudes in kilts) and walking over to Quinpool Rd to try the best fish and chips in the city. (if that's their best I hate to taste the worst...) By then I was hurting - I managed to get a bus (only had to wait three minutes for it too) most of the way back and lay in bed. My right foot was actually throbbing with pain - ouch! Serves me right. Anyway today I am resting it so there goes walking up to the battery. Oh well plan to do that Wednesday morning if the weather behaves itself.